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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Whooo Hoo!! I got the FTF on the DNF from yesterday

Another day where I wasn't feeling very well, but I got in the car and drove out to the meadow parking area which is 15 miles north of my house. It was an absolutely beautiful, sunny day with a cool breeze blowing.

I found four caches in the meadow area, three hidden by CTYankee9 and one hidden by SEPTICTANKHANK.

I took lots of pictures again, of the amazing oak trees, the views, the flowers, and even a ground squirrel.

The last cache I looked for was a distance away from the others, in a hidden valley, overrun by poison oak. I was the second to find. Chuy! found it the other day, fisnjack gave up on the search today because of the poison oak.

After finding that cache, I tried to find a trail out. The route I took was a dead end, but I found several peonie bushes in bloom back there.

I covered more than five miles during my wanderings.

After making my way back to the car, I was set to head home. I would get back in time for my afternoon coffee, which I felt like I needed. However, when I drove by the staging area for Horsethief Canyon, I saw fisnjack's truck, and CTYankee's little car, so I stopped. I took the short cut down and then made the climb back up the cache location and only looked for a minute or two before spotting two little rocks that looked like they might be hiding a cache . . . and they were.

After that, I made it back to the parking lot where CTYankee and I talked for a long time. He gave me the coods for a new cache he placed that he hasn't submitted yet. It was .6 away. He said he would hike over there with me, but wouldn't give me any hints, which he didn't. It was in a great rock pile that has a great view, including a view of Lawson Peak and Gaskill Peak.

Here is the profile of today's adventure in the Horsethief area showing part of my track from the day before and my highlighted track down the "shortcut."

I was tired when I finally got home. I hiked more than eight miles today on the two separate hikes, and now see that new caches have popped up down in Horsethief Canyon, and over near my Carveacre Wind Cave caches . . .

Looks like I know what I'll be doing tomorrow.


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