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Musings about Geocaching

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Two FTFs on Gaskill Peak and a great hike

CTYankee placed two caches during his long hike Monday, so fisnjack and I set out to get the FTFs.

The day could not have been more spectacular. There were interesting clouds in the sky that made the already scenic hike even more photogenic.

I made up this collage of pictures for a new cache I placed near the parking pullout.

Here are the full-size pictures and the tracks and profiles of the two hikes we made:

The two rock outcrops on either side of the trail provide a "gateway" to the boulder-strewn Gaskill Peak.

The flower is a bit out of focus—I got the camera about an inch away from the blossom—but I wanted to include it since it was so colorful.

Along the trail, this big guy buzzed by me. Aren't his little antennae cute?

When it landed, it started to burrow into the ground in the shade beneath a small plant.


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