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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Another hike in Horsethief Canyon for a FTF

As I hiked the canyon yesterday, I checked some caches along the way and saw T.R. Violin's name on the logsheets. As I wrote, I thought he was there to get the FTF on the Terracache, but he was there to find the other caches, and place one of his own . . . "Way Out Kitty."

Today it was overcast and windy, and threatening rain. I waited for several hours before taking off, thinking the weather would improve. As I drove the seven miles to the trailhead, there was some mist on the windshield, but at the trailhead, it was just cool and windy. So, I took off down the shortcut trail at a quick pace, soon realizing I had forgotten my walking stick.

At the bottom, I followed the arrow on my GPSr when an illegal alien trail took off from the main trail. I had to cross the creek stepping on a slender branch and some stones to keep from getting my boots wet. The elusive trail was marked by trash, red and yellow plastic from snack bags.

The trail meandered in the wrong direction, so I ended up walking up the same hill I walked yesterday, through the burned sticks of manzanita and California buckwheat. I finally saw the trail the cache was hidden on. It clings to the side of the hill and heads east from the pool area.

I found the container quickly, and just as I began to write my name in the logbook, it started to rain.

I rehid the container and started back, taking the trail this time. At the fork, I debated which way was the shortest and ended up going back the way I came. The rain on my new REI hat reminded me of the sound of rain when I have been camping in my tent.

I got back to the car in about 45 minutes and was back home about two hours after I left . . . the whole experience happened so quickly, it was like a dream when I found myself back at this laptop writing my FTF log for the cache.

I downloaded my tracks to the Mapsource maps and broke up the different tracks. It turns out that from the fork, it is .2 further to go back the way I chose . . .

My thanks to T.R. Violin, and CTYankee and SEPTICTANKHANK for placing the new caches in an area closer to home.


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