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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Yet another hike to Horsethief Canyon . . .

3cd's made a trip to Horsethief Canyon the other day to find the caches there . . . and hide a Terracache. So, off I went again to get the FTF on that cache, I hoped, and find SEPTICTANKHANK's new cache.

I got to the parking area and saw a guy getting his horses ready for a ride. I went over to say hello, and two hours later we were still talking horses . . . It is amazing how many memories come to the surface from those years I owned my horses when I get around another "horse person."

I took the direct route down into the canyon and stopped to take pictures of the wildflowers that are still blooming. I also got a picture of a wild turkey I saw on the trail.

I wish I had gotten my camera out more quickly. The turkey was quite a distance away by the time I got that picture.

Along the way, I took this picture of a lonely oak tree beginning its recovery from the fire.

Eventually, I made my way to the pools and quickly found the Terracache. Since I had seen T.R.Violin's signature in a couple of the caches I checked along the trail, I figured he was in the canyon today to get the Terracache FTF, so I was surprised to see a blank log sheet.

I took a few pictures in the area and then headed towards the other cache.

I wandered around through the burned area walking in a somewhat-straight line towards the other cache. I forgot I was going to have to cross the creek, but I found some nicely-spaced boulders that allowed me to get across without getting wet.

As I walked, I stopped to take more pictures of the flowers.

I got to GZ for SEPTICTANKHANK's cache, which I heard had some good cammo, and found it right away. This cache was close to the trail, for which I was appreciative.

After signing the log and dropping off a TB, I headed back up the trail. I took the shortcut up to the road instead of taking the "official" trail. It is steep and narrow, but cuts off quite a bit of distance, and time, which was a good thing because the man with the horses was in the parking lot, so I got to talk horses with him for a little while before heading home.

When I got home, a new cache popped up in my email InBox. It is a new cache by T.R. Violin . . . in the canyon.

So, I know where I am going tomorrow . . .


  • What a fantastic geocaching blog! I saw the link in your signature in the Groundspeak forums and hopped over for a look.

    I'm a geocaching newbie with only one find to my credit, but your blog has inspired me. I might try to do something similar for my hunting experiences.


    By Blogger Paul, at 8:49 AM  

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