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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A FTF, two STF, one TTF, and three more caches . . .

CTYankee and I had planned a trip up to the Carveacre Windcaves today, but when I met him at "Holey Poley," along Japatul Road, it was foggy and even raining a bit. I suggested we head over to Horsethief Canyon to go for the FTFs. Since fisnjack wasn't at the meeting place, and since he is always on time, we thought he decided not to join us.

As we started off towards, "Mysterious Quartz Rock," it was raining a bit, and the usually great views were shrouded in mist. After the half-mile hike, we found the cache easily and then started down into the canyon to find "Cache at the 'Y'." I spotted it and CTYankee grabbed it and took out the log. He was surprised to see fisnjack's name in the log . . .

We yelled for him and he hollered back. He was on his way to "Way Out Kitty," and had already gotten the other two FTFs . . . I guess that made up for us leaving him behind. Sorry, fisnjack.

CTYankee had an appointment, and as long as I was halfway there, I wanted to get T.R. Violin's new Terracache at the top of the pointy peak that can be seen from all over the Horsethief Canyon area.

So, up the trail fisnjack and I trudged, in the light rain, with occasional strikes of lighting in the distance.

The view from the top was worth the hike.

From the other side, this is what it looked like looking down, down, down.

This is what the profile looks like of the hike up from the bottom of the valley near the "Y" of the trail.

I don't know if he planned it that way or not, to pick a cache other than a lamppost micro, but my cache, "Elevation 3000," turned out to be Marko Ramius's 10,000th cache Approval and that fact was announced in the Forums . . . so lots of people got to see my cache page.

There were so many flowers blooming in the canyon, and fisnjack and I kept stopping to take pictures, we didn't think we were ever going to get out of there that day . . .

I have more flower pictures to post and hope to get around to that later.


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