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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Another FTF and . . . whoops . . . five new caches placed

SD Rowdies made the hike down to "Ghost Corral" and while he was there, he put out a new cache. It was a pretty warm day 91°, but there was a really nice breeze blowing, so the hike wasn't too bad . . . but the weight of an ammo can and a couple other caches in my backpack was noticeable as I made the long walk down the trail that clings to the side of the hill for almost a mile before cutting across the "Valley of the Valley Pillar" to the shade of oak trees that survived the fire of July 2006.

It wasn't difficult to spot the cache container when I got to the location, and since he posted a picture of the container in the local forums, I don't think he will mind my posting it here. I am glad I had not looked at the forum before arriving at the spot because it was quite a surprise.

After signing the log as FTF, I started up the nearby knoll to find the location for cache #100. I wanted that cache to be special in some way. The day I was with fisnjack, I scouted locations at the top of a knoll where you can see both Lawson Peak and Gaskill Peak. I picked a location that should be okay to get to even after the area has recovered well from the fire.

It is not on a trail, but the area shouldn't be impacted by the few people who "Take a Stroll to the Knoll."

I placed one more cache in some "Artifically Stacked Rocks" like CTYankee found along the trail. When I arrived in the area, the name of the cache was evident, "Ahhhh . . . Shade."

On the way back up the hill, I found a spot where I could use my "patented" can cammo, using a rusty can I found down near the Valley Pillar, to place another cache, "Can You See The Valley Pillar Yet?"

I made it back to the car and the air conditioning felt so good . . . however, I still had a couple more caches prepared, and there was that location I saw the last time I was on the trail to the west of the parking . . . It had not been snagged by the finders of my other two caches, so I put the ammo can and the Tupperware container in my pack and headed up the trail.

I really had fun scrambling on the slickrock where the cache was placed. I need to return to the location to get a better picture. The view from there is fantastic, and the way I hid the ammo can is very cool, even if I do say so myself . . .

Finally on the way back down, I found a spot right next to the trail where I could put a little Tupperware container. If the finders replace the rocks correctly, the container won't be seen by all the people who use the trail. If the finders area not careful . . . it will be gone quickly.

Once again, I need to get back out there to take a better picture. In the morning, on a day where there are a few puffy clouds in the sky, I need to make the drive and then the short hike up the trail.

When I got home, I hurried to get the caches listed because I knew a group was hiking the area Sunday morning. When I logged on this morning, I got the notifications that the caches had been published, and just after 5:00 a.m., the bradybunchboys logged all five of the FTFs.

So, I need to get busy today to prepare a few more caches. CTYankee and I are making a hike this week to find, and mark with well-spaced caches, a new trail on the northwest side of Gaskill Peak.


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