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Sunday, May 06, 2007

A TrailGators' cache for 3cd's 1000th find

3cd's was going to hit his 1000th cache today and since TrailGators "Clevenger Canyon Cache" had not been found in over a year, he chose that two-mile hike for the adventure.

On our way to the trailhead, we found one cache called "Oh Chute." That was a fun one, but it sure was tiny . . .

I love seeing artifacts of days gone by while out on these caching adventures. This one is very close to another cache and the 528' rule, but that's okay. On our way to the other cache two years ago, I didn't see this. I'm glad I had to stop this time.

We didn't get going from Alpine until after 8:00 and met up with Chuy! at the trailhead a bit after 9:00. It was a nice day, perfect temperature for the long, uphill climb, with no other caches along the way to break up the hike.

At the top, we took the requisite picture to log the find. Here is 3cd's and his boys celebrating #1000.

After visiting, and resting, for a while, our little group started back down. We found a couple of spots on the trail where a couple of little caches could be placed, and if there were more caches on the trail maybe more people would make the hike to that viewpoint.

Chuy! left us at the "Breeder Memorial" cache and we headed up, up, up to the "Southwest Clevenger Viewpoint." I wasn't feeling too well for part of the hike up, so two of the 3cd's had been on the summit for a long time before 3cd's and I got there. The cache was a large ammo can hidden behind some large boulders.

After signing the log, we started down and when I got to the truck, it felt good to sit down. It was quite a hike as evidenced by the tracks and profile.

As we worked our way back home, we found a few more caches, all of them close to the road. For that I was thankful. This artifact was at a cache called "Laura Ingall's SUV."

I even liked finding a "lamppost micro," a cache generally spoken of with derision in the Forums, because when we got to the location, there was no worry about where the cache was . . .

Once again, it was a great day, spent with great company. The only negative was having to go into town to get gas . . . I was tired and just wanted to go home, but that little yellow light on the gas gauge was lit up and I didn't want to risk running out on my next trip to town. Gas is now almost $3.50/gallon, two dollars more per gallon that when I got my Toyota Matrix in 2003. This fill up was the most expensive one ever. At these prices, I don't know how many times a week I can drive the car. Just going down the hill to buy groceries costs me more than $3.00. I sure can't do that very frequently.

When I finally got home, I was really tired, but after dinner, I perked up enough to get the caches logged. Then I deleted the waypoints from my GPSr, did a quick filter in GSAK with MTRP as the center point, and reloaded the GPSr with caches for tomorrow's caching adventure with dillweed.


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