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Monday, May 14, 2007

Found a bikedog Terracache on Sunday

3cd's is a great person for me to cache with because, like Princess Toadstool, he always has a destination in mind and a "plan" for the day. Planning is not something I am good at . . .

His goal was to get a bikedog Terracache that was placed fewer than two months before bikedog was killed in a motorcycle accident early in 2006. We got to the parking area for the Elfin Forest Reserve and made the hike up to a Virtual cache, "Mt. Israel" first. It was placed by Tuna in the early days of caching back on 1/20/2001.

The trail was popular with many people on this gorgeous Sunday afternoon. We passed families with young children, older people, a couples with their dogs. It was a nice hike, and we sure covered a lot of ground going back and forth, back and forth on all those switchbacks.

After taking some pictures at the top, we made our way back down to the parking lot and drove a little closer to the access for the bikedog cache. We walked up a wide road to a great viewpoint on a saddle of the ridge. The cache was easy to find and since I wanted to have a mememto of it, I traded a little carabiner for a Picachu for my collection of little characters.

We walked over to the petroglyphs and took several pictures of them, then headed back down the hill to the truck.

Before leaving the area, we found a few nearby caches, including one that was very creative: "Tower of Power." Boy, Cornerstone4, that was a great one!!

Once again it was a great day of caching where we got some exercise and found several caches in different types of locations, hidden in fun containers. I was very appreciative to 3cd's for driving all that distance. As it was, I drove about 40 miles just getting to his house and back. At gas prices of $3.45/gallon, I can hardly afford to drive just to where I get a ride the rest of the way . . .


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