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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Road test with CTYankee9 in his new Cachemobile

CTYankee9 spent much of his free time last week shopping for the perfect "Cachemobile." He found a great one with low mileage and it was time to test it out on some back-country roads. Since there are lots of caches along the Bear Valley loop, that is where we went.

However, before getting on I-8, I asked him to stop so I could take a picture of the peak on which my newest caches reside.

I don't know if it has a real name, but I am calling it "Valley Pillar Peak" since the Valley Pillar is at its base.

After driving up the Bear Valley road to the locked gate, we headed over to a cache north of I-8 that had great views of the La Posta valley below.

During our long day of driving, and hiking, one of the locations we visited was the site of the famous puzzle cache, "Dream State" by QDman.

On the way out, we found a cache that had been found by a muggle. He signed the log.

Late in the day, as the marine layer began to work its way further inland, I got this hazy picture of Corte Madera.

I really had a good time, but by the end of the day, my right foot was hurting again. When I got home, I looked up "Foot Pain" on Google and from what I saw on the sites I searched, I think I might be developing plantar fasciitis. Ugh! I've met three other people who have had this and, depending on how bad it gets, it takes a long time to heal, and may necessitate getting some special shoes.

I'll try to stay off my feet for the next few days and put some additional arch supports in my hiking boots to see if that helps once I hit the trails again. I sure hope that helps. Now that I have gotten in better shape, I don't want to have to stop hiking for a few weeks . . . or longer, if that is what it takes if it gets worse.


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