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Sunday, May 20, 2007

So much for resting my foot . . .

In the morning, there were two Events. The first one started at 9:00 and ended at 9:15. It was a "Flash Mob" event organized by Itrax and Foxtail. What fun! But, it was over way too quickly. Here is a picture of the group of us:

However, SuperDave! had a post Event Event scheduled, so we dispersed and moved to another location nearby in Balboa Park where we visited with other cachers for quite a while. I had a great time, but I sure wish we had had nametags. I have a difficult time remembering people's faces . . . not just remembering their names. At Events like this, it is often uncomfortable for me because when I look at someone, I am not sure if I met them before, or worse yet, I not only met them, but talked to them at length somewhere six months ago. Embarrassing . . .

3cd's was very kind to wait on me as I visited with Harmon, a brand-new cacher, kwver and Mrs. kwver, who recently had a bad bicycle accident in which she broke her thumb, and finally GRNZOOM, and CTYankee9. I totally forgot how long a hike he had planned for our day, or I would have broken away earlier.

We drove up to a park near the Los Penasquitos Reserve and set out on the trail, heading for an Earthcache more than a mile away.

Before we were done, even though we didn't go up and down steep hills, we covered a lot of ground. Here is the profile of the hike.

Here are the 3cd's walking along a very pretty part of the trail.

At the Earthcache, the rocks were interesting . . . and they did look ancient, and unique, compared to other rock formations I have seen in the area.

Near that cache was another one called "Maddi's Funhouse."

I found a total of 13 caches, and we revisited some caches I found with Princess Toadstool almost two years ago. One I found back then had gone missing, replaced by an M & M's tube. Too bad. There was an odd log entry in the other logbook I wanted to show 3cd's.

It was a wonderful hike, but long. We covered more than nine miles, and even though I wore my Chaco sandals, instead of my hiking boots, my foot was sure hurting by the time we got back to the truck.

It was late, so we got right on the freeway and headed back to my car, which I parked at a Park 'n Ride in La Mesa. That is a nicer part of town, so I didn't worry too much about leaving my car there — although there was some glass in the parking lot, probably from a smashed window. When we got back, there was a car parked next to mine with the trunk open. 3cd's noticed that right away, then we saw that both the driver's side window, and the back window were smashed.

My car was fine, but I won't ever park my car there again. I'll park it in a nearby, busy commercial parking lot.

Because of the pain in my foot, this coming week, I really need to stay off my feet until the pain subsides. It looks like the weather will be gray—part of San Diego's "May Gray"/"June Gloom" weather pattern—which makes it easier to stay inside. I don't wish that bad weather on others, but it will be good for me.


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