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Saturday, May 19, 2007

I'm very grateful to Team Adelos for today's adventure

Team Adelos posted a "conversation" with himself in the San Diego Events thread in the Forums, so I emailed him and we set a time to meet to go east, way east, to get the new caches places by the Splashes.

This worked out great for me because I was able to combine the caching trip with getting my car serviced at the nearby Discount Tire shop. After I got my tires rotated a while ago, I could hear a rattling noise that made me think something was wrong. It turned out to just be a wheel weight that came off and was now trapped inside the wheel cover. I had the hardest time getting down the hill to have the tire re-balanced, because when I go into town I have too many other errands and shopping to get done and need my car . . .

So, once my car was checked in, I got into Team Adelos's truck and we headed for I-8 and then out to old Highway 80 where it takes off near the Golden Acorn Casino. We found a T.R. Violin cache near there, and then another one, and then we started finding the new ones, including one near this wonderful old hotel building.

Another cache was hidden at the "Jacumba Sculpture Garden." The actual location of the cache container will forever remain a secret.

A cache that has been in the area for quite a while, and one I have seen in my GSAK database for a long time, is at a "train car graveyard." Boy, would I love to see one of these restored to its former glory.

Another cache was called "Organic Veggies." Out in this desolate place, where the wind blows a lot, high above the very hot desert below, there is a bit of agriculture.

Another new cache highlighted an old bridge, constructed in 1931, on the original highway 80. It is hard to imagine what the traffic would be like today if vehicles and trucks, and RVs had to travel this old road today.

About this point we turned around and on the way back, we stopped at the Subway to get something to eat. Who do we run into there, but the Splashes. They were in the area to fix up the coordinates for one of the new caches, and to replace "Pi's Old House." They had also placed a couple of new caches . . . and they asked us if we wanted to be "Beta Testers." Uh, yeah. You bet. So, I wrote down the coordinates and off we went. One of the new ones was on the same hill where CTYankee9's new cache is that he placed last Tuesday when I was with him. The views were great up on that hill today.

After spending some time up there, watching both the hang gliders, and a turkey vulture, using the uplifting winds, we made the short walk back to the truck and drove home. As usual, I had a great time, and as I said in the title, I am very grateful to Team Adelos for wanting to go all the way out there, and for doing all the driving. If it wasn't for my caching friends, I don't know how much caching I would get to do these days.


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