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Friday, May 25, 2007

Boy, sometimes I really am dense . . .

The last time I headed southwest from my house to do a little caching and shopping, I tried to find a cache that was actually a Multi-cache. I didn't notice the little 'M' in the Waypoint name on my GPSr when I walked more than a block to the location and spent time searching for a container.

So, now that I was in the area again, I got the numbers I needed off the sign and then read the cache description.

Doh! I needed to see an image that is on the cache page in order to know a number I needed to derive the coordinates.

So, once I got home, I looked at the image and got the number, but I misread the cache description and couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do to get the coordinates. Sheeesh! I had to email the cache owner, one of the smartest people in our local caching community and a "Supreme Puzzle Master." He must really think I am an idiot when I can't figure out how to get a simple two-digit number to derive the coordinates for a Multi cache . . .

No wonder I rarely even glance at the pages for the Puzzle caches around here. It isn't fun being reminded how difficult things are for me when they are often very easy for most everybody else . . .


  • Great Blog!

    Our family just took up geocaching a few weeks ago and were loving it. We found our first travelbug and spent the weekend photographing him at various golf courses...

    good times.

    By Blogger Mike Barlow, at 9:24 AM  

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