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Monday, June 11, 2007

Maybe I shouldn't have left a container up there . . .

There is a high point not very far from the staging area for Horsethief Canyon. Since I have a cache on the other high points in the area, I thought I should put a cache up there. So, I readied an ammo can, and a few other small containers, and set out from the parking lot down the road. At the point where a bulldozer made a firebreak last year, I started up the "trail."

Other people have walked that way, but not enough to have it be a nice trail. It is rocky and there is a lot of brush in the way. About halfway up the peak, there are several rocks and tumbled boulders blocking easy passage. I enjoyed the challenge of getting through them, but the word "nasty" kept coming into my mind.

I finally got to the top and enjoyed walking around taking pictures of the 360° views, the interesting rocks, and the flowers that are blooming.

This is the view of "Elevation 3000" with Corte Madera in the background.

On the way down, I hoped I would find an easier line to follow, but I didn't. I seriously thought about going back up and retrieving the container . . .

When I got home, my Columbia hiking pants were filty, and this time they got ripped.

I had fun, but I am sorry I left a cache at the top. If cachers put that cache on their Ignore List so they don't see it in their searches, I will understand . . .


  • I don't understand why you are sorry you placed this cache. The location appears wonderful. There's a challenge to get there. You used an ammo box. As long as you maintain it, it meets all my criteria.

    By Blogger Bob, at 5:06 PM  

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