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Friday, June 08, 2007

Another hike to the Barrett Lake viewpoint

After my trip to town yesterday, my heel hurt so I didn't think it would be good to make another six-mile hike today. However, fisnjack is a great motivator, and he came by to pick me up at 7:00 a.m. It was a beautiful morning with perfect weather and temperatures for hiking.

At the staging area, my GPSr didn't have any problem finding the satellites the way it did last Sunday, so after Resetting the trip computer, we set off down the trail that heads east from the parking lot.

Along the trail I saw these amazing Mariposa lilies that were different from those I have seen on my other hikes.

When I did this hike last Sunday, I took a shortcut near this first cache. Today, we walked around the trail which adds a bit more than .1 to the distance of the hike. The next cache was easy to find and we added another plastic bag to the log so it won't get wet, if it ever rains again . . .

There were more flowers along the trail including more of those yellow mariposa lilies and a few other species.

I took another picture of the rock I photographed last Sunday. It looked different in the morning, compared to late afternoon.

Nearby I saw this seal.

The last cache along the trail, before the final ones at the point, was one where bradybunchboys lost the container in a hole when he put it back . . . Using an extendable, magnetic pole he carries with him, fisnjack managed to retrieve the container. The rock formation where the cache was hidden really did look like a bunion and some hammer toes . . .

This was the cute log bradybunchboys left in his replacement container he left after the "mishap."

After we visited all eleven caches along the trail and the ridge, I wanted to check out the view to the east. I climbed up to the ridge, where I took this picture, and then I placed another cache to lure others to this great "Photo Op."

It was a great day and fisnjack, his little dog Teddie, and I had a great time. It was wonderful to have such beautiful weather. Very soon it will be too hot to hike out this way, even when getting a very early morning start to the day.

When I got home, I wrote the "Found it" logs for the six caches I found today, and then I wrote up the cache page for the new cache. I did not submit it stating that the cache is active yet because I have another location in mind for an ammo can . . . Maybe I'll go there sometime this weekend and hide that cache, then I can list both of them at the same time.


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