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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Three DNFs, then four new caches placed

I rarely get into the Santee area, home of the S.C.U.M (Santee Crappy Urban Micro), but I was there yesterday. I turned on the GPSr after I ran my errands and saw there was a cache only .17 away from me. It was in the Costco parking lot, and according to my GPSr, I was parked on it. I looked for it for a little while, but when the people returned to their car parked next to mine, I drove away and started heading towards the trailhead 3cd's told me about several months ago.

Along the way, I saw a cache on the screen, so I stopped. There was a place to park, something that didn't occur a few weeks ago when I turned on the GPSr and there was no nearby parking because of bike lanes on all the intersecting streets. However, this is where the cache was hidden.

I looked for a while, trying to make sense of the hint. Turns out this cache is a candidate for the "Usless Hints" thread in the Forums because the hint referred to the ostriches on the farm 100 yards away . . .

So, that was DNF #2.

I continued down the road and saw another Treasure Chest icon on the screen, and this time the waypoint name designated the container as a "Large." How could I miss?

Well, according to my GPSr, I was parked right on the container, and I didn't see anything nearby. Only after I got home and read the past logs did I see that the container is 50' away from the coordinates . . .

Is that supposed to be fun? Oh well . . .

So, I finally arrived at the trailhead and started my hike, carrying about six different containers with me, including an ammo can. The trail is wide and perfect for walking in my Chaco sandals, although it was somewhat tough going in places where the trail was covered with round river rocks . . . way up there on the ridge.

At an intersection on the ridge, when I saw this artifact to the east, I hiked over there and left a small container.

Then I backtracked along that ridge and headed off in the direction of the only cache that was on these trails, one that was Archived a few months ago. I saw these funny stacked rocks on one side of the trail. Somehow I walked past without seeing them when I was going the other direction . . .

I finally got to a high point more than .1 away from where the other cache had been. The view from there would be pretty cool on a clear day. I took a picture that I put on the cache page, but it isn't that great . . . The valley you can see way down there looks intriguing, and beautiful.

I think I hid the ammo can in a way that it won't be muggled the way the other cache was . . . at least I hope so.

Finally I was on my way back. I still had more caches in my bag, but only found two other places that I thought were "worthy." One offers a nice view from the ridge, with a little sliver of San Vicente Reservoir visible.

I didn't take a picture of the object that the last cache is hidden in. I'll have to do that if I ever take that trail again, which I should do on a clear day sometime to get good pictures of the amazing views.

The hike to put out the caches was on this nearly four-mile hike:

So, even with three DNFs, it was a successful day. I think I'll leave the GPSr off when I go into town again . . . or, maybe I'll use the Ignore Feature of the website. There are some cachers who like to place caches in areas that have no appeal for me. Those are fine for other people, and I would probably enjoy looking for them if I was caching with others, but on my own . . . no . . . not interested.


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