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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Boy, I've gotten behind here . . .

Last Sunday evening I went for a little hike on "Dictionary Hill" with CTYankee9. From now on, I think Geocachers will be referring to it as "Backwards" hill because all the caches names are backwards. I don't know how it got started, but there is Y.L.N.O. . G.O.L , E.G.R.A.L., ynnuB ereH, M.U.I.D.E.M, L.L.A.M.S, sdneirf doog, k.c.a.b.y.a.P s'.k.d.c.i.D, D.A.E.H. L.I.A.R.T., yrros idoj, and O.N.A.N. Boy, it was hard to keep the caches straight because we couldn't pronounce the names.

There is one of those "pesky" buried caches up on that hill. One much larger than that clever one I found in Colorado I was so upset about when it got "turned in" and Archived . . .

The clouds were very pretty that evening.

The next day I went for a hike in MTRP with dillweed. We cleared up two of our DNFs from our last visit there and found a cache that has been in my GSAK database since the very beginning of my Geocaching careet, "Monitoring MTRP." It was near this amazing rock wall climbers use for practice.

A bit further down the trail we found a TB Hotel that has been in place for a while. I dropped off a TB I picked up on "backwards" hill the night before. I took a picture of the pretty clouds near that cache location.

Yesterday I went into town with my kayak to paddle over to Humphrey's to see K.D.Lang and Lyle Lovette. Wow, K.D.Lang has the most amazing voice. I was floored by it, as was the guy whose inflatable kayak was tied up next to mine.

On my way to the put-in place, I found several caches, one at the Villa Montezuma, and another in a busy place in the Gaslamp Quarter of downtown San Diego. I also DNF'd a cache down there . . .

I found two of Duncan!'s ammo can caches, and one of his Lock 'n Lock containers in a nice park at Spanish Landing, but that was followed by another DNF at a pretty new cache placed by Jahoadi and John . . .

A seagull was nicely-framed by this unusual tree at the Spanish Landing park.

It was a really fun day, except for getting home and realizing I lost the antenna for my car. I used to put it in a very specific place when I had to take it off to put the kayak on the car. Since I never even used the kayak last year, and have only used it once this year, I forgot that little routine . . . so, it is off to eBay to order a replacement. What did people who live in rural locations do before eBay?


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