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Friday, July 27, 2007

A little hike for a few caches on a hot day . . .

It was going to be another hot, and humid day, but fisnjack said he was headed out to clear of McGinty Mountain—again—so I took the opportunity to join him. I met him in a shopping center parking lot about ten miles from my house where we found a cache by Weatherlass. He did the rest of the drive to the trailhead, which, as the crow flies is about six miles from my house, but is a 25-mile drive . . .

After some searching I found a cache placed by ChuckB that I DNF'd when I was in the area a couple of months ago with dillweed. After that, and after making sure we had plenty of water and high-energy snacks, we started up the very steep pitch at the beginning of the trail. Once you get past that terrain obstacle, the trail would be a great mountain bike riding trail.

Once we got up on the top, I forgot about the trail to the east, and fisnjack didn't say anything, so we walked the loooong way around to get to the first cache along the trail.

The views were hazy, but fantastic anyway.

We found one cache hidden in a familiar container, one I think Chuy! might have gotten out of one of my caches, that was, fortunately still working great. A couple of those containers I used broke after a short period of time . . .

The next cache was in a shady area, which was very welcome.

The last cache was hidden high up in a challenging rockpile. As fisnjack and I surveyed where the cache might have been hidden, I looked at the Terrain rating for the cache on my GPSr and thought it was a '3.5'. While I was climbing up those rocks -- in my Chaco sandals -- to the cache location, and back down after signing the log, I kept saying, "I'd rate this a '4'." Once I got back home, safely down from that precarious perch, and logged into, I saw it was accurately-rated as a '4.' I enjoyed the climb, but wondered how the cache owner decided on that hiding place?

After that cache, we were done . . . so we made the walk back, checking on a few caches on the way, including "Birds" and "Cats." It was good to see they were still in place and doing okay, even with this heat. I have one container that has "melted" in the summer heat, so I'll have to do something about that one when it cools off enough to hike back there, with a stouter container.

By the time we got back to the truck, I was in need of a pedicure . . .

On our way back to town, we found a couple of other caches, and we stopped for a great lunch at Las Parillas, a little Mexican Restaurant tucked between a 7-11 and a real estate office. It is one of those places you are unlikely to know about unless someone has told you how great, and inexpensive, the food is.

I had a very fun day and was appreciative for fisnjack's company on the trail, and for driving to the trailhead.


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