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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Gecko Dad was FTF on my "Mega Multi" cache

Don has been caching since 2002, and since he prefers the more-remote caches, I figured he would have found most of the caches on the list for the San Diego County "Historic" Cache Adventure," and he had. He only had one to find, W9JIM's "Border Cache Stash," before completing the challenge.

Here are some of the pictures he posted on the cache page, including one of the log book with my "Congratulatory Note" and his log.

As he hiked back out the trail, there was a pretty, puffy cloud in the sky.

He posted a great Panorama picture that looks a lot better stretched out across the full width of the monitor.

The view of Secret Canyon was quite hazy yesterday.

I stated the FTF prize would be an unactivated Geocoin or Gift Card and Gecko Dad emailed that he had his eye on a "Cache Critters" coin. I emailed the eBay seller and ordered a coin for Don, and a coin for myself . . . for for my own "collection" or for the next time I need an unactivated coin.

I wish this cache idea had been my own, but am happy how the locals have accepted the challenge. Since it had been ten months since anyone found the "Powder Can Cache," I'm glad this little project has generated interest in these older caches. It will be interesting to see who the next finder is. Chuy! only has a few caches to find. I don't know how many T.R. Violin has to find. I bet Ruscal doesn't have very many to find. FlagMan has ten to find, as do the Splashes.


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