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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A little caching before the B.B. King concert last night

I was in town with my kayak to go to the B.B. King concert at Humphrey's By the Bay last night. I took the opportunity to attempt to find some caches. Every time I go into San Diego, and its suburbs, I add more caches to my lengthy DNF list, which is now up to 263 . . .

The first cache I looked for is called "National Embarrass-mints." It took me a while to get to it because I overshot the entrance to the frontage road and had to drive quite a distance before I could turn around. My turn-around place put me very close to a cache I DNF'd on another trip into town, but I didn't even try to look for that one. No reason to add another DNF to my list so early in my caching afternoon because I think I need a specific hint from the cache owner for that one, located in front of a Starbucks where the nearby buildings really mess with the GPSr signals . . .

Once I got back to the frontage road, I followed my GPSr, which was telling me the cache was about 20 feet to the west of the actual location. Therefore, I spent way too much time looking for the container in the bushes and down in the rocks. That was my fault . . . I should have read the cache description and hint first, because after walking back to my car and reading the description in my Palm, I quickly found the mint tin.

Before continuing on towards another cache near Sea World, I took a few pictures of the San Diego River channel.

Before I put my kayak in the water at the Bessemer Street put-in place, I found two more caches, and added two more to my DNF Bookmark list . . .

B.B. King was great, as usual. He is so kind, and so genuinely-grateful for the audience and his fans. He is 81 years old and said that at every one of his concerts now, there is someone with a poster saying "B.B.King's Last Concert." He said "With Fate's blessing, would you let me come back again next year?"

The water was crowded with all manner and type of boats. After being in one place for the first hour and a half, I finally had to move. The people behind me, who had an inflatable boat, and who were having a very good time, were standing up and dancing. My kayak was tied to their boat. Their gyrations were causing my kayak to bob and tilt making it impossible to look through the binoculars. After paddling forward, I couldn't see the performers, but I could hear B.B. better—without distraction—and enjoy the last several songs in his set much more.

It was a really fun day, but not nearly as much of a respite from the record-breaking heat as I thought it would be. When I drove through Mission Valley, the temperature was 96°. YIKES! Usually it is in the 80's by the time you get that close to the ocean.

There is another concert this Friday night—Big Bad Voodoo Daddy—so maybe I can beg some hints from the cache owners. Although I am not compulsive about having to clear up DNFs, if I am in the area anyway, I'll give it them a try . . . but not without those specific hints. I'm not enough of a masochist to return to a location with failure as a possible option . . .


  • I love the tin and you are lucky, getting to kayak to see B.B. King. Our cache blog is here

    By Blogger Vicky, at 11:38 AM  

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