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Monday, October 08, 2007

An incredible day of caching in the desert

We left before dawn and got back long after dark, but this week's trip to the desert was different from last week's visit because we spent most of the time on paved roads, instead of 4WD roads, and we covered many, many more miles. My thanks to fisnjack for being the "Energizer Bunny" and wanting to cover all that territory and find many of the caches along the way, including some he had already found.

Early in the morning we found a cache called "The Middle of Nowhere" by T.R. Violin. It was such an intersting area . . . who knew the middle of nowhere could be so amazing? . . . and I took quite a few pictures.

We continued from that area, which was south of I-8 north towards the Salton Sea. Since it was so beautiful, with no wind, mild temperatures, and clear, clear views, I took lots and lots of pictures. This is just one of the photographs I took of the Salton Sea as seen from a high point along the S-22.

One cache was hidden on top of this thing.

The views from the top were incredible.

Later on we found a "buried" cache . . . However, the cache owner didn't bury it, mother nature did as rain "melts" the mud hills. When I was checking the cache logbook, fisnjack took this picture of me, and the container in the ground near my right hand.

By the time we finished caching, after dark, I found 24 caches. At this rate, I think I'll keep up the pace I set in the first two years of caching . . . a pace nearly three times what I aspired to when I first started caching in 2005.


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