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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Almost all packed and ready to go to the GeoCampout

I spent most of the morning packing up all my stuff for a camping trip to the desert and the Event Cache, 'KEEP ON TRUCKIN' GEO CAMPOUTby The Splashes, JB&LF, Team Reid, and The Vulture & $kimmer.

I'm leaving a day early because the weather is really nice out there, and because I haven't been camping since last March. I prepared lots of food today and packed my sleeping bag, the Thermarest pad, my tent, and plenty of clothing. I hope I've remembered all those essential things that are so difficult to do without when they get left behind, like my glasses, which I forgot to take on the trip to Reno and back.

I'm running three Pocket Queries right now to cover all the area from here to the desert via Hwy 79 and S22 and even over to Niland and Slab City.

I'm going to figure out the caches along the route so my GPSr has the closest caches to the highway in its 500-waypoint limit. I'll put the huge file of caches on the laptop so, in case I go in a different direction, I can update the GPSr and the Palm data.

It should be lots of fun. I'll have to keep track of our adventures on the laptop if I get the time, so updating the blog when I get back will be a bit easier.


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