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Friday, December 16, 2005

Gaskill Peak is conquered and what fun it was

This is what the peak looked like from my newest cache, "On the Way to Gaskill Peak."

We couldn't believe this car carcass was so high up on a horse trail. The only way I figure it got here was by being dropped from a helicopter . . .

We saw this amazing outcrop of quartz along the trail.

SMOKEY's Travel Bug surveys the view before going into the ammo can at the peak.

This little slot was not nearly as bad as the places on Lawson Peak we had to negotiate.

The hike was great and not too bad after traveling about one and a half miles over a really rough Jeep road. Even the entire hike, from the beginning of the Forest Service Road isn't as bad as the hike from Lyons Valley Road that goes up to the four caches in the Lawson series.

I hope to make that trip someday so I can officially sign the log book and maybe add some additional swag to my new cache.


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