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Friday, March 10, 2006

Out caching on my own, in between running errands

A new cache, "Let's Go Parachuting," popped up somewhat near where I lived, but I didn't get out to get it that first day. However yesterday I needed to run some errands, so as long as I was driving down the hill, I decided to find a few caches, and place a new one, near that neat above-ground cistern Nancy and I found last week when we hiked/scrambled/crawled to "UP UP AND AWAY."

It was cool and breezy and very overcast, so when I went to "Viejas Trailhead" and "A View from the ATT," where the views on a clear day would be astounding, I didn't take any pictures. I did take a picture of the cistern which came out really well, I thought, considering all the clouds.

I also took a picture of the GPSr at GZ for the cache.

I actually placed the cache right near the cistern, but when I saw what the coordinates were, I decided to walk to those coordinates to see what I found. Since I could put my small container there, I walked back down, got the cache, and walked back up to place it.

When I got home, my power went out, coincidentally just as I was replacing a light bulb. After I figured out I didn't trip a breaker in my house, and saw that the power was out for everyone in my neighborhood, I was told the power wouild be out for a few hours. Without power, it was dark, and cold, in my house, so took the laptop in my room, got under the covers in bed to stay warm, and came up with a little story.

When the power finally came back on and I got online, I emailed TrailGators. He said the "puzzle" was too easy, so I changed it a little bit.

So far today, I've had a few emails. The 3CDs was FTS -- First to Solve. A couple of other people are still working on it.

Since I cannot figure out puzzle caches myself, this has been my introduction to a whole different aspect of caching. I like it!

I don't know if I'll ever find another location that lends itself to the creation of a puzzle as this one did, but I hope so. It is a part of the game I haven't appreciated until now.

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UPDATE at 3:45 p.m. The 3CDs was FTF on the cache. I met him at Nancy's going-away party last Saturday and mentioned the cistern and our adventure finding "UP UP AND AWAY." He was FTS (First to Solve) today, although Gobolts! was the first to email me. I also got emails from ChuckB.

He didn't have to drive very far -- the cache is only five minutes away from his house, but the weather was so nasty, it was keeping him, and probably anyone else, from venturing out. The weather finally cleared up just long enough for him to get out of the house and find the well-hidden container.

Congratulations, Chuck!!


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