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Sunday, April 30, 2006

I grew up in Colorado, but somehow missed this incredible scenery

I grew up on the eastern slope, west of Denver. Although I think we drove Highway 285 going on and coming back from summer vacations, I somehow did not remember the spectacular scenery I saw on the second day of my drive back towards San Diego County.

The first three pictures are from Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Monument, a place I had never been to before. There were two Virtual caches on the south rim I was able to get while I enjoyed the incredible vistas.

These mountains, which I believe are the Uncompahgre Range, which is where the Uncompahgre Wilderness Area is, were too spectacular for words . . .

In a little cemetary where I found a cache, I saw these interesting monuments devoted to people who were members of the Woodmen of the World and Women of Woodcraft.

Later in the afternoon, I drove through the Paradox Valley which is where the Dolores River bisects a valley you would expect it to run down, not across.

Where I took the last picture was a cache that had been muggled. However, my former caching partner, Princess Toadstool, had been there, providing a ziplock bag and a card, which I was able to sign to get the find.

When I saw her signature on the card, I couldn't believe the odds that such a remote, rarely-visited cache would also be one I would find, and right now, the only two people who have logged it are P.T. and me.

Amazing . . . !


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