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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Santa Ana winds created awesome views from McGinty

On the lee side of the mountain, it was a lot warmer than it had been at my house, further up the hills to the east. I was overdressed for the exertion of hiking up the steep, sometimes treacherous trail. Once on the ridge, however, the strong winds hit me, and I was glad I put a fleece vest and a jacket in my pack. I was probably going to need them at the peak.

Because of the Santa Ana wind, the view of Mt. Helix, downtown San Diego, and the ocean to the west was unusually clear.

At the base of the mountain is the Cottonwood Golf Course and a subdivision of exclusive, very expensive homes.

The broad rocky shoulders of Gaskill Peak, one of my favorite peaks to hike, is seen to the east.

Off to the southeast, the huge profile of Otay Mountain dominates the horizon.

In the other direction, to the northwest, North Fortuna, South Fortuna, and Cowles Mountain reveal the location of MTRP (Mission Trails Regional Park.)

Before leaving the top of the mountain, where the winds were strong and brisk, I took a picture of the moon rising over Bell Bluff.

On my way down, I found the spot — at some unique coordinates — for my new Puzzle cache, "McGinty Mine," and then made my way — carefully — down the extremely steep slope to the mine entrance.

Even though the entrance is large, I wasn't prepared to investigate past the opening.

From that location, Mt. Miguel is nicely framed by the steep hillside.

It was a great day. I hope the puzzle cache lures some of the people who haven't hiked the mountain yet to this area to find my other ten caches, and the infamous "No Hinty on McGinty" on the peak. I hope the day they make their hike is as clear as it was today.


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