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Friday, January 26, 2007

Another hike up Mt. McGinty

Even though I didn't really make a New Year's Resolution to climb McGinty every week, I have been making it up that peak more than once a week so far this year.

Today's hike was really fun, although I got myself into some places I probably shouldn't have been by myself . . .

After finding the third cache on the east side of the mountain, I found a trail that headed towards the north side of the mountain, which is where I needed to go. I followed it as the vegetation got thicker and taller on the northern exposure of the mountain. I stopped and took a picture at one point.

At that point, it still looked like a trail, believe it or not. Later, I couldn't find any evidence of the trail. I wandered around and backtracked and then forged ahead where the bushes thinned out a bit.

Finally, I made it through to the road that goes downhill from the "Another Sycuan View" cache. When I finally got to the road, I sat down and rested for a while . . . I also took off my boots and took all the sticks and stickers out of them.

This is what my tracks looked like, and what the profile of my "shortcut" looked like.

The marine layer was starting to come in today, so the pictures I got were hazy.

This is a picture of Sycuan Peak from "Mmm Mmm Good Sycuan View." In the forground is the hill I walked across . . .

After finding that last cache, I retrieved "lostguy"'s container he placed when we were on the mountain last Thursday. I thought about trying to find another place for it, and if I had found a really great spot, I might have hidden it for him.

I took a few more pictures as I continued back down the mountain. With the marine layer developing again and moving inland, the mountain had a different feel than the other days I have been up here recently when the air was so dry and the sky so clear.

I am meeting 3cds and Mrs. 3cds tomorrow morning for a short hike on the west side of McGinty. The short hike is about all I will be able to tackle after what I did this afternoon . . .


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