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Monday, January 22, 2007

Still waiting for my new caches to be found

It has been a while since I placed a cache, and I forgot about the level of anticipation waiting for them to be found. bradybunchboys was FTF on the first one I placed yesterday, "Man, that was a lotta work!." He didn't comment on the steep ascent, or the hand-built road, but at 5:45 in the morning, maybe it was too early . . .

The other two caches involve a hike, or mountain bike ride, of more than a mile, so it will be a little while longer before someone gets up there. One of them is a container provided to me by "lostguy" and it looked very cute in its original hiding place.

He was up in the tree at about eye-level but when I walked away, I realized he was too visible so I moved him to a lower spot and covered him with pepper tree detritus.

The other cache is hidden somewhere in this picture:

After hiding the last cache near the abandoned "mansion," I continued on up the trail.

It was only a half a mile or so . . . as the crow flies . . . to the next cache. Of course, I didn't get to hike in a straight line. A deep gully that had served as the dump site for the people who lived in the "mansion" blocked my forward passage. I had to make a big loop to go around.

When I finally got to the location of "The Hills Be Singing," I was dismayed to see a huge rock pile almost as un-fun to climb around on as rip rap. Some rocks are really great to scramble on. These were not. Even though many were large, they were tumbled at odd angles and some of them were unstable and moved . . .

It probably wasn't the best place for me to be all by myself, especially since I, once again, had not told anyone where I was going . . .

I looked for a long, long time, finally consulting the hint and the past logs and then I looked and looked some more, all to no avail. As I searched, I was remembering Night Hunter's advice -- "If the hike is long, the cache should be easy-to-find."

From there, I walked to the next cache, which was down, down, down the eroded trail. I had a bit of trouble finding that cache until I looked at the hint and remembered what kind of container it was, a metal butter dish.

The next cache wasn't too far away, so I continued walking down to it. That was a very easy find. Thank you, Chuy! After that, I still had to go down further to get the final cache on this side of the mountain. After a little searching, I found the large tin that was very full. CTYankee left a large trade item when he was here a few days ago and I could hardly get the lid back on after signing the log.

Suburbia was in view below the cache location.

As the sun dipped behind the higher hills to the west, I started up the trail. At the location of my DNF, I stopped and looked again. I looked until the sun went down on the rock pile and the temperature dropped a few degrees.

After my disappointing DNF, I was happy to be rewarded with a scene like this on my way back down, down, down to my car.

On the return trip, I met another hiker. He had not heard of Geocaching before. Now he has. In fact, he probably heard more than he ever wanted to know about this little game.

I gotta stop doing that . . .

UPDATE: kwver was FTF on "Looking for the pond" and "Nope, nothing to see here . . . " Jahaodi was STF on "Man, that was a lotta work."


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