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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Great adventure for the last day of 2006

Chuy! posted in the San Diego Cache Event thread in the Forums about driving east to the In-Ko-Pah area very early today. M2 responded that he would join the group. I have been wanting to meet him ever since we exchanged several emails earlier this year when his "Hopalong Rides Again!" cache succumbed to the wildfire in Horsethief Canyon.

Long before dawn I met him at the Park 'n Ride on I-8 at the Descanso exit and we took off in his new 4X4 Toyota truck. On the drive, we passed Chuy! and the rest of the group and as the eastern sky was getting light, we met up at the 4WD road coordinates.

During our slow but steady drive up the rough and sometimes-challenging road, we were treated to fantastic views of an amazing landscape.

The first cache we found was "Smuggler's Cave." It was hidden in the boulders behind this very cool cave.

From that cache, we made it over to "From a mission to Iraq and more!." M2, Chuy!, Ginger, The Polar Bear, fisnjack, and Map4Navigation posed for a picture at the cache amidst the amazing rocky landscape.

We walked back to the vehicles and drove down the rough road for a while before abandoning the vehicles to hike the rest of the way to a cache right on the border. In fact, it might have been across the border in Mexico . . .

To get to the "Rear View" cache, we had quite a bit of rock scrambling to do. It was worth it to see the namesake rock at the cache.

At every turn along the route, the rock formations astounded me. The wind-sculpted rocks were tumbled in all different ways.

Getting to that cache was a challenge. Although it doesn't look like it in this next picture, we found an easier way back to the trucks -- way down there -- on the way back.

If I get back to the area again when I can spend more time, I will want to have a much larger memory card for my camera because there were great views and wonderful rock formations in every direction, all of which deserved to be photographed.

My thanks to M2 for letting me join him in his 4X4 vehicle so I could see such a spectacular area.

Happy New Year everyone!


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