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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Yet another hike on Mt. McGinty

The tangle of tracks shows where I have been on the mountain in the past two weeks. Thursday the hike was more than eight miles. Today, the hike on the mountain was 7.7 miles.

Here is a little closer view of the ups and downs I made during today's hike:

I placed three more caches today and just finished writing up the descriptions. One is in a place I scouted more than a year ago. Another one is on a point where the views in all directions are great. The last one is a container "lostguy" gave me a few months ago.

I hope all three of them get approved. I'm a little concerned about one of them because Team Adelos might have a puzzle cache hidden nearby. I checked for the distance from all the other nearby caches, but his brand new cache hasn't even been found yet, so no one but Paul, and Marko Ramius, knows where it is.

While the weather is cool people can get out this way to hike to my new caches. By June, the caches will get very lonely again and won't get any visitors until the temperature goes down again in the late fall.

I took lots of pictures and I'll try to post them tomorrow.


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