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Monday, January 22, 2007

Time for some new Keen People maps

Okay, today I am recovering from all the hiking I did yesterday, last Thursday, and last Monday, so I ought to catch up with some things I haven't added to the blog for several months.

Here is the new map of my San Diego finds:

After placing three more caches, and after my Earthcache "Waymark" was moved back to, I have 76 caches around the county.

Who knew when I placed that first cache along Lyons Valley Road almost two years ago I would turn into such a prolific hider. I certainly didn't. Back then, my health was so tenuous, I could hardly imagine being able to take care of that one cache 25 feet away from a road only five miles from my house.

A while back I Archived Lyons Valley Roadside Distraction because it had been muggled twice. Now that I think about it, even though it didn't get found very often, I might go hide another cache in that location.

That would give me something to do on this beautiful, bright and shiny, sunny day.


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