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Friday, December 07, 2007

A Requiem for my lost Travel Bugs

The most recent TB I put out in the wild went missing from the very first cache he was placed in . . .

Poor "Bucky the Buck-toothed Zebra" . . .

The other T.B.s that have disappeared include these guys:

Leapin' Lizzards was my very first T.B.and he did a bit of traveling after I took the next picture of him at the cache I placed him in, but then the cache he was in was destroyed . . .

The cache "Goofy over Caching" was in was muggled . . .

"Consistent Compass" just disappeared . . .

The cache "Mr. Moonlight McToy" was in got washed away in a flood . . .

The person who has "Bearly . . . There" said he was "cute" and then they stopped caching . . .

Another TB I have is in someone's hands . . . but they wrote an obscene log when they picked him up. I deleted the log, without contacting the cacher first. I didn't want any contact with them after what they wrote. I wonder what the odds are that "Big Bird/Little Bird" will ever get released . . . ?

I had fun with all the characters . . . Here are four of them partying before going into the ammo can.

These four got a rocky start. The cache was next to I-8 and I hoped different people would pick them up and take them in different directions. Instead, one person picked up all four and then stopped caching . . . It took some begging over the next few months to get all of them released to travel.

I have the "Copy" tags so I could send out more travelers . . . but I'm a bit discouraged now . . . if I send any more T.B.s out, I'll put ugly things on the tag.


  • I don't know whether to laugh or cry. It sounds like you may have some geocachers in your area who think that TBs are for collecting, and not for moving. You have to admit, they make cute collectibles. Maybe your next one should be a rubber rat!
    I'll try to spread your story. I put a link to it on our blog at Also added your blog to our Geocaching Links of Interest

    By Blogger Norm Rogers, at 8:07 AM  

  • I understand your frustration with lost/missing/stolen travelers...I've felt the same way, especially with the two I've had that never made it out of their first cache...

    I once located the person who stole a coin of mine...I offered to pay postage to have it returned..I offered to have a friend who lived nearby meet this thief at a place of the thief's choosing and pick it up..the response I got was that if i didn't want someone to take it and keep it then i shouldn't have put it out there... at this point i realized i had to just shrug and move on...

    anyway, what caused me to write this morning was Mr. MoonlightMcToy...i recognized him right fact, i'd found him twice, and alw, worthy of placement in good caches...seems like he disappeared shortly after leaving Florida...i'm so sorry he's come to such a sad end...better luck with your next ones

    By Blogger JG, at 6:14 AM  

  • I feel for your loss. I too have noticed some TBs gone missing. I have not yet sent any TBs out, but I found a cache at the same time as another. It was a team effort. They took a TB, and never logged there find nor the TB. IT does get discouraging looking for a cache with a TB and finding no trackables.


    By Blogger lg1972, at 7:46 PM  

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