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Monday, December 03, 2007

Whooo Hoo! LLOT found my "Historic Cache Adventure"

The week before, Gecko Dad was FTF on Version 2.0 of my "San Diego County 'Historic' Cache Adventure" and yesterday, Let's Look Over Thayer was third to find on Version One.

Version 2.0 of the "Historic Caches" takes people to a great vista in the town of Poway, and once he found all the other caches, Gecko Dad didn't have too far to drive to get to that final container.

As for LLOT's accomplishment, he had quite a few caches to find the last day. At the location in MTRP where the coordinates of the final container are derived, LLOT was rewarded by this double rainbow.

Then, he had quite and adventure finding the last caches up on Mt. Laguna on his way to the final. It was cold and windy, and at Laguna #1, there was even snow on the ground. The half-mile walk to the final cache of "Version One" was cold and windy. He didn't get to enjoy it the way I did the last time I was there when I got this picture of the fantastic panorama.

I know there won't be very many people who find that final container, but for the ones who do, I hope the entire adventure was a fun one. I know I'm having a good time trying to find the "Historic" caches.


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