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Monday, April 07, 2008

Not Geocaching-related at all . . . well only slightly . . .

Last summer, a fellow Geocacher invited me to join him and his wife to see a play at Balboa Park's Old Globe theater. It was a wonderfully-fun musical called "A Catered Affair" starring Harvey Fierstein and Tom Wopat.

When we walked outside, the incredible afternoon light stopped me in my tracks. Even with other people present I stopped conversing to get out my camera and take some pictures of the amazing sky, the towering tree, and the ornate building across the street.

Well, today, that incredible 73-year-old tree is no more . . .

It was cut down . . .


  • That's horrible! Was there something wrong with the tree? At least you have the great photos. Isn't San Diego beautiful?

    Geocaching With Team Hick@Heart

    By Blogger Hick@Heart, at 8:12 PM  

  • It's always sad when a tree comes down, especially if it's by the hand of humans.

    I remember caching once in the Santa Cruz area of California and walking along a trail and hearing, and then seeing a tree fall. Glad I wasn't near it at the time, but it was sad nonetheless witnessing it. Then I got to thinking, at least this particular instance, the tree would do some good, creating new habitats for critters, opening up some light in the forest floor that wasn't there before, etc. What you describe does none of that, and just reduces the natural beauty.

    My bet is it was deemed a hazard for some reason. Too bad. Hopefully, they'll plant another tree close by so that our youngsters in the future will get to enjoy what you enjoyed last summer.

    By Blogger Webfoot, at 9:32 PM  

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