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Friday, November 04, 2005

A cache maintenance trip and five new caches await approval

Blue's Blue View had two DNFs, so I needed to hike up there and check on "him." The cache container was a plastic blue whale I found at a Thrift Store. As others had done with toy alligators, I had put a 35mm film canister in his belly. A few weeks ago, ChuckB found him some 200 feet down the hill from where he belonged, but the last two searchers didn't find him. Since he was not covered with rocks, just sitting under a bush, I was worried he was gone.

Since it is a long hike up that mountain, I decided I could use the opportunity to place some new caches. I prepared several cache containers with trading items, log books, and Geocaching "explainers" and filled my daypack with them.

On the way up the hill I placed a new cache where there is a great view of Lyons Peak. The location is just above some of those pale Nolina plants that I have only seen on Mt. McGinty and up in Joshua Tree National Park.

When I couldn't find "Blue," I put a small tin container with a few trade items under the bush in a slightly different spot and covered it with rocks.

From there, I headed south towards another viewpoint. Along the way I placed a cache that has this view of Mt. Miguel.

Further down the trail I placed another cache similar to the one T.R. Violin has at "Take a Break Here" on Twin Peaks in Poway.

Finally, I made my way down to the lonely tree, a place I have wanted to put a cache ever since I started this obsession . . . er . . . activity last January.

The view from the tree

Before the day was done, I had covered a lot of territory as evidenced by my track:


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