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Monday, March 13, 2006

A great day of caching with a new cacher

I have "View From the Top" on my watchlist, so when a new cacher DNFd it the other day, I sent an email with a couple of questions. A previous cache up on Mt. Helix had been muggled, so I wanted to make sure this one was still there.

When bikehead DNFd the cache again, I emailed that could come down and meet him there, if he didn't mind being seen with a woman old enough to be his mother . . .

The views from up there were fantastic after the storm that dropped snow on the nearby mountains, so it was worth the trip, plus I was able to drop off Gobolts! "Idiosyncratic Bus" T.B. and I got some more pictures. This one shows Gaskill Peak and Lawson Peak, two I have climbed in search of caches.

Since I knew duganrm was caching with DocDiTTo, I thought bikehead and I could join them and he would get to see more caches, and meet a couple of other cachers who were more his age.

We took off for the coast and met up with duganrm at the Arby's on Rosecrans Street. He was working on a Puzzle cache I didn't know anything about. It was a real interesting and complex challenge created by FlagMan.

We went to one waypoint location, and bikehead was the one who found the waypoint . . . while I was still wandering around on the sidewalk trying to figure out where the steeple shadow would have been at a particular time . . .

We ended up at another waypoint, where there was also another cache, so we got a "two-fer," and we got to see some incredible views of San Diego, the ocean, and the mountains off in the distance in Mexico. This picture shows the beautiful curve of the beach on Coronado.

This was a view towards the southeast showing the mountains in Mexico.

We found a couple of other caches on Point Loma. I took this picture from above the cemetary.

The final location for the puzzle cache was quite a distance away, but it was near a few more caches, so bikehead was able to see how caches can be hidden, cammoed, and placed. Several of the caches were by Pathfinder & Snoopy, two of our more creative and prolific hiders in this area.

It was a great day, and even though I didn't feel very well, I was very glad for the diversion the group provided for me.


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