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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Back within the scenery Edward Abbey called "God's Navel"

In the late afternoon, I crossed the border from Colorado into Utah, and very soon the scenery looks exactly like it should when you are in Southern Utah.

Between taking pictures of the spectacular scenery, I managed to find several caches, and not find another one that really had me stumped. I think the coordinates are really off . . . or a couple of numbers are transposed, because where my GPSr took me was not a very good place for a cache. It was too near the highway to be a logical hiding place for a cache.

After that disappointment, I found my first Utah cache up on a hill over-looking a little reservoir. In Blanding, I found three physical caches and one Virtual cache at the Visitor Center.

In the Forums, discussions periodically arise about different "styles" of caches. Apparently "Florida Style" is a container hidden beneath Palmetto branches. Well, I discovered that "Blanding Style" is a white, five-gallon bucket . . .


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