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Musings about Geocaching

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

With the Forums down, I took off for San Diego yesterday

Last Saturday, I had so much fun in San Diego, I decided to go into town yesterday to do some grocery shopping, and revisit the locations where I wasn't able to take as many pictures as I should have to create additional Waymarks.

The first place I went back to was the Balboa Park Carousel where I took some more pictures and got more accurate coordinates.

Then I went to the reflecting pool where I took a picture of a Travel Bug I had been carrying around for a while.

I took several other pictures as I walked around the park and thoroughly enjoyed the cooler, 85° temperature, in contrast to the 100° temperatures at my house.

I also got a picture of Karen_in_Coronado's mural she used in her "Mystery Train" Unknown cache, as well as the building to the west of it. I used those pictures to update my blog entry for last Saturday.

From there I went to the canyon to photograph the odd poetry and quotes on copper plates wrapped around the posts.

When I saw the quotes the other day, I thought it was the work of an inspired, possibly obsessive-compulsive, and very odd Mission Hills resident, but I saw an inscription on these posts that leads me to believe it is part of a "public art" series in the area.

Somehow that fact disappointed me . . .

After getting some groceries, and stopping in a couple of Thrift Stores to take advantage of thr air conditioning, I drove over to Fiesta Island.

One of my goals for this trip to town was to release a coin I had been carrying for two weeks. It wanted to be near water. I parked my car and walked over to "Don't Fear the Reaper" thinking the well-hidden ammo can would be a safe place for the coin, and the frog T.B. Well . . . bummer, bummer, bummer! The cache had been muggled. The bottom part of the cache holder was still there, but the ammo can was missing, as well as the lid for the container. I was glad the Jeep that had been dropped off a few days ago had been retrieved before this happened, but another TB had been in the cache. I was sorry to be the one to deliver this news to the cache owner and all the people watching that cache . . .

So, back home today, to pass the time, I've been submitting Waymarks and so far my Carousel Waymark has been approved, as well as the Waymark for this spectacular Equestrian statue.

It is interesting how I have almost no interest in logging Waymarks, but I'm having fun creating the Waymark pages, which means I now "own" several Waymarks.


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