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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Back home and caching with my Geocaching friends again

Saturday morning, I met up with Team Adelos, duganrm, and RedStar. We left two vehicles in the parking lot and took off in a Jeep and an all-wheel drive Mountaineer for the steep, narrow road on Otay Mountain.

I had found most of the caches up there — or had placed them — but this was an opportunity to get some more pictures from that vantage point. Plus, I wanted to share the experience of the road trip with my friends, whether they wanted to hear about it or not . . .

We took some pictures of the vehicles and our group at my "Mirror Mirror on the Road" cache.

From there, we continued up the road to another viewpoint where Lyons Peak stood out from the surrounding foothills.

At the Terracache on the top, duganrm signed the log.

Further down the road there was a great view of Otay Lake.

A cloud shadow added a bit of interest to this view.

When we got to the WWII Bunkers the last time I was on the mountain, I took some pictures of the inside, but forgot to get a picture of the view of the bunker as it sits, where, during the war, it housed huge guns prepared to defend the coast, if necessary.

From near my "Habla Espanol?" cache, I got this view of the eastern side of Tijuana, with some smoke from a fire on a mountain south of the city.

From here, we started down, down, down the winding road to a couple of caches I missed the last time I was here with fisnjack. One, "Mr. O'Neal's French Windmill" had been on my "nearest" cache list ever since I started caching. It is good to get that one out of my database . . . but I was disappointed there was no windmill in sight. I really thought I would see one there.

After dropping off RedStar, duganrm and I continued caching for a while in order to find some of those urban micros that I don't like to hunt by myself, and which are easier to hunt after dark, with more than one person hunting.

Finally, after leading duganrm to a cache that was not one of my favorites when I found it — after negotiating many navigational barriers — about a year and a half ago, we called it a night. It was a great day, and was good to be back with my generous friend, duganrm, who, like Princess Toadstool, doesn't mind doing all the driving to find the caches.

And, speaking of duganrm, he just passed his one-year "Cachiversary" and he found more than 2000 caches in that year! Amazing! CONGRATULATIONS, Richard!!


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