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Friday, September 08, 2006

From Salida to Lakewood on an overcast day

It rained all night, but by morning the rain had stopped. I treated myself to a nice breakfast at a restaurant that was open at 6:30 in the morning, and then I went downtown to take some pictures of the historic buildings.

A police officer stopped to talk to me at one point after noticing I was taking pictures of some of the Victorian homes. I told him when I was his age, I really thought I would live in a home like that, but, like the little sign I saw in a restaurant where I got a cup of coffee, "My Future Isn't What it Used to Be."

He was nice, and when I asked where the library was and if it had WiFi, he said "Most people just go out on Highway 50 and use the WiFi signals from the motels."

Huh!? I thought that was illegal . . .

With his recommendation, I drove back out on Highway 50, parked in the Days Inn parking lot, and logged on to a super-fast connection. I downloaded a couple of PQs and logged some Trackables and then went to the Sacred Ground coffee shop for a "Shot in the Dark," a shot of espresso in a cup of coffee, to fortify myself for the drive.

The nice young woman who served the coffee had the most beautiful blue eyes. I told her about Geocaching, and she was interested in it. I told her there was a cache up on S-Mountain, but I had not figured out how to get up there when I was in town a few months ago. She explained how to get to Spiral Road where "First Anniversary Cache" is hidden. The rain had stopped, but I knew that was a graded, and not paved road. However, she said it would be fine, so I took off.

I took these next pictures from "S Mountain." I spent a lot of time looking for the cache, in light sprinkles of rain, but couldn't find it . . . So, another cache goes on my list of "As-Yet-Unfound Caches" bookmark list. Now I will get the logs by all the other people who make this "easy find."

It was time, finally, to start down the last stretch of road towards Lakewood. Along the way, I took a short detour to get to the "Midland Mystery Kid's Cache." I had an interesting experience with that cache, and it really turned into a mystery for me. The view from that vantage point is astounding on a clear day, but the clouds obscured it that afternoon. I took a picture of Toby's Gang's coin T.B. that had been stranded for months in a cache and which I had been "dipping" in caches along the way.

After finally finding that cache, I needed to hit the road and head down the backstretch to my destination. Before I got there, however, I stopped to look for one of the caches I DNFd last spring . . . it is still on my "As-Yet-Unfound Caches" bookmark list.


  • Dear Karen,
    Re: Updade on Jeff Accident on Christmas Eve Day on your way to Death Valley.
    Glad to see your still out and about posting your jaunts.
    Would like to give you an update on Jeff. He's doing ok considering how much impact his body absorbed during the collision. Tried to write you after the accident but could not post without signing up, which I did today. Bev
    I can be reached at

    By Blogger scruffy, at 7:01 PM  

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