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Sunday, September 03, 2006

A new record of finds in one day -- 47 with only 2 DNF's

When I learned the San Diego Cache Event Team was headed north to beat the heat Saturday, I wasn't even thinking about how many caches I might find during the day. I just wanted to get out and see my Geocaching friends again. At the last minute, I found out jahoadi and john were going and they let me ride up with them after meeting them down the hill near their house.

We started out near Oceanside Harbor and ultimately walked out to the end of the jetty again. My photos aren't as good as the one Duncan! got and which I used here last year, but I tried.

This little crab was waiting for the tide to come back in so it could enjoy mealtime again.

Although it was a beautiful day, I didn't take too many pictures. That was until just after sunset, when these wonderful little clouds were illuminated by the sun below the horizon.

It was a really fun day, marred only by the hard fall I took while trying to get to the beach on a steep little trail down the cliffs. Jahoadi overcame her fear of blood to put bandaids over the "road rash" I got when I fell on a large rock I expected to be part of the sandy cliff. Even the neoprene cover on my GPSr was damaged when it hit the rock.

At the time I fell, I was being very careful and cautious. It happened so fast, I hit the ground before I even knew my feet were slipping . . .

Something like that sure makes you think about what can happen . . . and since I am heading out on a road trip by myself in a couple of days, I'll have to be even more cautious when heading out on the trails solo.


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