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Sunday, August 13, 2006

My 1800th cache was found on a 16-hour, 30-cache day

Saturday started out early when I woke up at 5:30 in the morning. When I couldn't get back to sleep, I got up, turned on the computer, and checked the San Diego Cache Events thread. Flagman had posted he was going to do the Navajo Adventure cache, meeting at 7:00 a.m. I wasn't sure I could make the more-than-20-mile drive in the time I had left after getting ready, but I did. Toby's Gang and fisnjack were also there when I arrived, ready to join in the adventure.

And, adventure it was. After reading the description, and the Past Logs, I expected a challenge, and it was, but the bushwacking wasn't quite as much of a challenge as was keeping up with my companions, who seemed to be in a race to get to the cache. That speed added to the perils the "trail" offered. Although I wore my grubby shoes in preparation for an encounter with swamp water, I didn't need them because they didn't get wet at all.

Flagman was the first to spot the cache and after fixing it so it won't fall to the ground again, he "posed" for this picture.

While fisnjack crashed his way back down the canyon, Toby's Gang, Flagman, and I found a "trail" up the canyon slope. Only of us had an "encounter" with the cholla cactus. I'll have to email Toby's Gang to see how his hand is . . .

Flagman had to leave after we found a few more caches in the canyon, but Toby's Gang and fisnjack and I continued caching for a few hours before Toby's Gang had to leave. We found a few caches around Lake Murray, and checked on my "Kid's Kache," which is gone. Someone stole the big ammo can full of beanie babies and kid's toys . . . I hope they are happy with themselves . . .

The last cache the three of us searched for was "MTRP 2006 Cache War - Dam Fine View" which offers this "fine dam view" of a dam constructed the same way as Sutherland Dam near Ramona.

No trail access information was included in the cache description, something I don't appreciate since gas is so expensive, and since I can't use Google Earth to figure out difficult trail access dilemmas. We were happy to find out Chuy! had posted parking coordinates in his log for the cache. In my log, I repeated the access coordinates for future seekers.

After Toby's Gang left, and later after fisnjack headed for home, duganrm and I teamed up again to find some urban caches, and some caches at Chollas Lake. If I counted correctly, a little cache at a really cool location at Chollas Lake, "Table for Two" was my 1800th cache.

After dark, several of the urban caches we searched for were the kind I wouldn't normally look for if I was caching by myself. As we found these, I wondered if they had a purpose for their location, other than the opportunity for someone to get another smilie . . .

I finally got home more than 16 hours after I left in the morning. It was a great day, my companions through the day added a lot to the experiences, and the weather, which has been too hot for caching lately, was finally wonderful, as the weather so often is in San Diego.


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