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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Some night caching in Mission Trails Regional Park

Since I was going to be in town to return the remains of his "Treasure Trove" cache to Latitude 32, I was hoping to take the time to find some caches.

I called duganrm after running some errands and he met me about 5:00. We hiked into one section of MTRP where, on our way back from finding a cache I DNF'd last year, we saw this huge rattlesnake.

I walked right past the snake, but duganrm saw it and said, "Keep going, keep going!"

I did, and then turned around to take the pictures. The snake got a bit angry, but since they are naturally shy, it retreated.

I didn't have my "big" camera with me which is too bad because these pictures didn't come out as well as they would have with my Olympus.

We took a short hike to a T.R. Violin cache called "Can U C Me," which I have had on my watchlist for several months. It kept showing up in my "Last 2 DNF" filter in GSAK because it gets DNFs as frequently as "Found Its."

After finding a Puzzle Cache, we walked back to the vehicle and drove to Tuxedo Park. One cache was a short walk down a steep hill to the bottom of the canyon. The other cache was in here.

The walk down to the cache location, over enormous boulders, was challenging, and fun. It was just the "jungle" that was not so fun. After we made out way through the dirty, ant-covered vegetation, I spotted the cache first, something that doesn't happen that often when caching with duganrm because of his innate Geosense.

Much later in the evening, well after dark as we did a night hike to pick up a few caches along a loop, we saw this tarantula. Once again, if I had had my other camera, the picture would have turned out better.

The last cache of the night was unfortunately a DNF. We looked for a long time, but didn't have the magic to find "Surf's Up." Maybe the owner will send me a hint. That cache is a long way from my normal route. Like "Eye Hide You Seek #4," which I finally found last night, it might take a year before I get back to that location.


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