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Friday, July 21, 2006

The coins I dropped off were stolen!

When I went into San Diego Tuesday to beat the heat out here, I dropped off two coins, one of which I had been carrying for two weeks and dropping in and out of some interesting caches I found.

This was a "Golden Octopus" coin and it had traveled more than 11,000 miles.

Last Saturday, I took a picture of it taking in the view of Mission Bay and the ocean since its goal was to be near water.

The other coin was a Volunteer coin Flagman put in a puzzle cache of his.

Since the two coins disappeared less than 12 hours after I put them in the Puzzle cache, what I don't know is how the person who stole the coins knew where I put them. Does that person have hundreds of coins on a watchlist? If so, they still had to figure out the puzzle and drive to the location . . . unless they had already been to that cache.

If that is the case, and they logged their previous find, it is very disturbing, because I know nearly all the people who have logged finds on that cache. Perhaps the thief of these coins is that same person Habu! wrote about in this log.

Three coins I have been entrusted with, three coins I have tried to put in "safe" locations when I returned them "to the wild," have been stolen. What is the fun of having a coin you can look at but not share with anyone, because the coin cannot be logged or "discovered?"

The real fun in having a coin is watching its travels, or sharing it with others at Events, neither of which this thief can do with these two coins.

I hope the new "owner" of the coins is happy . . . because I am not. I feel very bad about what happened. I will keep both coins on my watchlist. Maybe someday the person will have a change of heart and release the coins back out in the wild so they can continue their travels.


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