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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

You know, life is just too short for this . . .

I have a confession . . . I am way too sensitive. Several months ago, through our local "caching rumor mill," I learned that another cacher enjoyed "pushing my buttons."

When I heard that, I reacted by saying, with a flash of anger in my voice, "They don't even know me." Learning I was the subject of gossip in the caching community seared me.

Over these past several months, this person has logged several of my caches. The logs have sometimes been short, like "Nice cache," when getting to the cache involved a long hike and led to a really cool location.

Other times the logs have been completely unrelated to the cache or the experience getting to it. Another time, a graphic picture of a dead dog was posted, without a caption to warn anyone what they would see.

Now a friend of this person has praised them, and their caches, in a log on one of my caches . . .

What's up with that?

I wouldn't praise one person's caches in a log for another person's cache . . . especially if I knew there was "history" between those two people . . .

I do not know the specifics of what I did to offend this person, but I'm sure it goes back to an opinion I expressed — and which was gossiped back to them — about the placement of one of their difficult-to-access caches that doesn't have a hint, and on which I logged a DNF.

Apparently I am not allowed to have my own opinion . . .


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