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Sunday, July 23, 2006

A fire created some excitement out my way

In the morning, about the time I heard something on the radio about a fire and evacuations, I could smell the smoke. I wasn't concerned because the location was seven miles away, but, this afternoon, when a friend called and said they had ash falling at their place, I decided to drive around on Lyons Valley Road to see where the fire was.

When I first saw the plume of smoke, the cache I thought of was SMOKEY's, "Valley Pillar via the Quail Oasis." Then I thought of his "Ghost Corral" and "cAMMO Can." By the time I got to my cache, "Lyons Valley Roadside Distraction," I could tell that none of SMOKEY's caches were in danger at the moment, and I hoped none of the caches in Horsethief Canyon were at risk either.

The smoke and the wall of flames climbing up a steep rocky ridge was terrifying.

From my house, the smoke looks less-ominous.

I'm sure glad the wind isn't blowing. Santa Ana winds blow from the east to the west, which could spell disaster for some of the caches I mentioned, as well as the caches on Gaskill and Lawson Peak.

Of course there are many homes and ranches in the area that would be also at risk under different circumstances, but I think the fire is only burning acreage in the Horsethief Canyon Wilderness Area now.

I hope it is under control soon and completely out before more of the Wilderness Area is devastated.


  • Hi there; My Opera has been down all day and I assume yours is as well. Remember the offer is still good if the wind changes direction or if you just want to come down and cool off.

    By Blogger FISNJACK, at 7:20 PM  

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