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Monday, July 31, 2006

A FTF on "Cave of Ghost Waters"

I was sitting contentedly in my house, since it was drizzling outside, until there was a knock at the door. It was fisnjack. He was going to try to get the FTF on Indiana Ed's new cache and his presence roused me out of my torpor. While I got ready, he waited patiently for me. Finally, after I was finished my preparations, we took off in his wife's little car.

Once we got to the parking, we started off in the wrong direction, heading towards "Indiana Ed's Subterranean Cache." As I posted in my log, if I had gone by myself later in the afternoon, I would still be wandering the tunnel. However, fisnjack noticed the numbers were going in the wrong direction, so we turned around.

We retraced our steps outside the channel and then jumped back in at the entrance to the "cave." We sloshed our way through water, amazed by the rocks glittering with diamond-like water droplets, as we made our way towards the cache.

As we walked along, we saw some little bats. This guy only looked at us. A few others flew out ahead of us.

At the far end, we found this little frog in the concrete channel.

After taking some pictures from the vantage point at that end of the tunnel, we turned around and looked into the tunnel. We saw lights. As we made our way, moving quickly in case we could catch up to the other person, I didn't have to watch my feet as much since I knew what to expect. I got to see more of the ceiling and walls of the tunnel going in this direction. We tried to catch up with the other person, who was Second to Find on the cache, but they seemed to be in quite a hurry.

Although he was "Second to Find," he was "First to Log" since by the time I got home, I didn't feel like turning on my computer. I'm still not feeling as "well" as I usually do, so I wasn't very motivated to do anything, once the excitement of the day was over.

That remaining excitement included hiking into the southernmost section of the burn area near the Barrett Honor Camp to see how some of the caches fared. Three of the four we checked on were fine.

SMOKEY's "cAMMO Can" was the one that didn't do so well . . . although the ammo can protected the contents, since its cammo was gone, we thought it was prudent to retrieve the container before someone else came along and saw it. Since I know SMOKEY, and since I live nearby, I can get the container back to him easily.

This is the Valley Pillar with the scorched hill behind it. The cache hidden in the rocks was fine and I was able to rescue a TB that had been there since last May.

Along the trail back to the car from that cache, we saw this amazing hollowed-out tree.

It was a great day and I am indebted to fisnjack for driving all the way out here to get me so I could join him on the adventure.


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