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Thursday, July 27, 2006

An Update on the Fire

Yesterday afternoon I drove over to Lyons Valley Road to see if I could find out if this map, posted on was accurate.

I looked at a larger version of that map very closely and there were circles of fire on the west side of Lyons Valley Road, which was scary. The circles also looked close to the road that goes up to Lawson Peak, which means some of the Lawson Series caches could have burned.

Near SMOKEY's "Castaway" cache, the road was closed. A Highway Patrolman was sitting there in his car to make sure no one disregarded the barrier.

I parked my car and walked over to ask about the fire, and whether it had crossed Lyons Valley Road. He said it hadn't. Wheeeww! That is good news.

I am anxious for the fire to be under control, and finally out, so I can go over to the Horsethief Canyon area and take a peak to see if any of the caches survived the flames.

It is cooler today, so maybe the temperature will moderate from the triple digit temperatures over the past three weeks so I can go hiking again.

My mental health needs that right now.


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