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Monday, August 07, 2006

During a long hike, three new caches were placed

Things haven't been going very well lately, so I decided to get out and take a long hike by myself. I took a large ammo can, a lock-n-lock, and a pill bottle with me, each with cache contents.

As I drove out, I stopped at my mailbox, and my green jeep had arrived. Whooo Hoo! I could put it in one of the new caches.

At the top of Champagne Summit, there was a cache that unfortunately succumbed to the fires of 2003. It was archived a few weeks ago, and ever since then, even though I had never been there and didn't even know the trails in the area, I wanted to put a replacement cache at the peak.

I parked my car at the Pioneer Mail area and headed off down the old jeep trail in the valley. The grasshoppers were out in profusion and they jumped out of my way as I walked along the somewhat overgrown trail. The pack was heavy, as was my fanny pack. I had two bottles of water with me, some snacks, and my headlamp, just in case . . .

I watched the arrow on my GPSr as I walked the trail and at one point, I was about .6 away, but there was no trail . . . and the trail I was on was going down. I hated to lose the altitude I had gained, but I continued on while watching the arrow on my GPSr turn behind me. Finally, I found a trail that turned abruptly and headed in the right direction.

As I walked along, I got to within .3 of the cache . . . and then I was .6 away again. Finally, I got back to within .3 of the cache as I walked up the steep, switch-backing trail. At last, I arrived at some signs that mark the intersection of two trails.

I continued to the south and walked past the previous cache location. After taking many pictures, I hid the container behind a rock the finder can sit on while signing the logbook. The cache has this view of Cuyamaca Peak.

Looking the other direction, you can see Mt. Laguna and the Observatory.

And looking towards the south you can see mountains that are in Mexico.

After I hid the Lock-n-lock container, which had been my "Evidence of a Bygone Era" cache, I hefted the still-heavy pack to my back and took off down the trail. At the signs, I thought that would be a good place to put the pill container. I hope with a rock on top of the lid, it will stay waterproof.

As I continued down the trail, I saw a way to scramble up some loose rocks through an area that showed evidence of the 2003 fire. I wanted to get to the ridge line where there would be a view. When I got to the top, I was not disappointed and that is where I finally placed the ammo can.

My route to that location was the long way around. If I had come in the way I walked out, I would have dropped that heavy ammo can first, instead of last.

It was great to get out and place a few more caches. I think I have way more fun doing that than I do finding caches. It is definitely more fun taking a hike like that, and placing caches like those, than looking for a film canister behind a shopping center in town.

I hope the finders of my new caches enjoy them and the places they are hidden.


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