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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Now there are closed signs at Horsethief Canyon

On my way up to Mt. Laguna, I stopped at Horsethief Canyon. If the area had been open, I would have hiked into the canyon again. Today I had the coordinates for "Hopalong Rides Again," so I was prepared to search the exact location to confirm what we surmised from last Tuesday's foray, that it had been exposed when the bush it was hidden under burned, and a fire fighter, or someone else, saw it and picked it up.

On my way back from placing the three caches in the Cleveland National Forest, I stopped to take pictures of the devastation. This is a view of Horsethief Canyon.

The hills are burned and there is very little left except the blackened stems of Manzanita bushes and other chapparal plants, however in the canyon, the oak trees still stand, although the leaves have been scorched. A year from now, most of those trees will be green again.

Above the road we walked last Tuesday, the hill is completlely scorched, but further down, Secret Canyon remains untouched by the flames. Had the fire raged through that canyon, it could have made it all the way to the "Secret Canyon" cache, one of the oldest caches I've found, and one whose logbook is captivating to read.

After the fire, I did not see any comments in the San Diego Thread of the Forums about the loss of the caches in the canyon, and that surprised me. "Latitude 32's Treasure Trove" was such an amazing cache container, full of coins and jewelry . . . and I did not see any expressions of sorrow over its loss, nor sympathy to the cache owners.

We need a moment of silence to remember Latitude 32's cache as it looked before the fire.


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