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Friday, August 11, 2006

A long, fun "hike" around downtown San Diego

Because of some "developments," I have decided to be a "lurker" of the Forums instead of a participant . . . after recently reaching the 5000-post mark . . . a number I would erase, or reduce, if I could. So, peeking at the San Diego Event Thread, I saw that redstar was going to do some caching downtown.

GoBolts! said he was in, so I called him and met him at his house. I needed to go into town to do some grocery shopping anyway, so what's another ten miles added to the 20 I already have to drive?

From GoBolt!'s house, we continued downtown. I found a free parking place with no 2-hour-time limit, and after two attempts, managed to parallel park in the spot. From there, we only had to walk a few blocks to met up with redstar in Seaport Village.

Recently, I was downtown with Team Adelos and duganrm. I found several caches with them that redstar and GoBolts! needed to find, but I didn't mind revisiting them and was happy for the companionship.

In our several-hour walk around downtown, I only logged six finds, but they were caches I wouldn't have even looked for on my own. And, since I don't have a cell phone, one of them was one I could not have done on my own. It was an elusive WebCam cache P.T. and I tried to get last year when the camera wasn't working.

During our afternoon and evening, we walked more than seven miles . . . hence my reference to a "hike."

I was sure glad I wore my Chaco sandals because my feet didn't hurt like they would have in my shoes or boots . . . something that just happens after four hours of walking because of my peripheral neuropathy.

As we walked around, I got some pictures for Waymarks. I also got another, much better picture of the hotel painted like a castle on one side. Last year I took a picture of that building when P.T. and I visited "Can I hear the Trolley a Comin'?."

Look how much construction has gone on since last October . . .

We walked over to the Churchill Hotel because I think GoBolts! is hatching an idea for a Puzzle Cache.

When we saw this building, the wheels started turning in his head again.

So, all you Puzzle People who are smart enough to figure out the puzzles, get prepared . . . I think there might be two new ones coming your way.

At the end of the day we walked along a sidewalk dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr. As I read the eloquent quotes on the plaques, I asked GoBolts! "Why don't we have any leaders like him today?"

The last cache we looked for, we DNF'd. I'm not sure we interpreted the hint correctly -- it was late -- but where we thought it should have been, we didn't find it.

It was almost 11:00 p.m. when I got home. I was tired, but happy. It was a great, fun day, and I genuinely enjoyed the company.


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